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Biolink DNA Crosslinker

Name: Biolink DNA Crosslinker
Product #: 10358



We are authorized distributor of
Biometra in Nepal


Reproducible UV treatment of membranes and bottles

  • Quick and reliable fixation of nucleic acids on Southern and Northern blots
  • Precise regulation of UV radiation dosis
  • Big radiation chamber for treatment of bottles, Petri dishes and flasks

Efficient linking nucleic acids to hybridization membranes
Identification of DNA sequences by hybridization to specific samples is one of the most basic techniques in molecular biology. In contrast to fixing DNA on Nitrocellulose filters by baking in an oven, Nylon membranes allow quick and efficient linking with UV light. Since nucleic acids are destroyed by too much radiation, the exact dosis is the clue to good results.

The Biolink features precise regulation of the radiation dosis. Prior to treatment the desired dosis is set in Joule per cm2. During radiation a sensor measures the UV dosis that is applied inside the chamber. This way over-exposition is avoided and aging of UV bulbs is compensated. The result are very reproducible exposition conditions over a long time period.

Spacious hybridization chamber
In the Biolink not only membranes but also bigger items can be radiated. This feature is used for mutagenesis of cells in Petri dishes, for decontamination of buffer solutions for PCR, UV sterilization and many other applications.

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